How old do I have to be to live here?

You must be 65 years or older to live in our Co-op.  If you have spouse or partner, one of you needs to be 65 years old.  Exceptions can only be made by our Board of Directors.

Can I bring my pet?

There are no pets allowed inside the Co-op. There are no exceptions.

Are there home care services provided?

The Co-op is an Independent Living facility. Although home care services are not provided you may still arrange your own.

What if I smoke?

Smoking is allowed in the designated smoking area outside.  Smoking is not allowed inside the buildings or in the apartments.

Is there a Gym or Fitness classes?

Fitness classes are held in the Co-op on a regular basis.

We do not have a Gym in either of our buildings however there is one located within a short walking distance from the Co-op on Merivale Road.

Do I have to sign a one year lease if I move in?

Not at all  - We require you to give us 60 days notice if you want to terminate your membership and occupancy.


How long is your waiting list?

We have no way of knowing how long you might have to wait.  There could be 10 people on the list in front of you and when an apartment becomes available, those people may not want to move or they could have found other accommodations. 

Are there activities that are organized for the residents?

The residents themselves organize many activities.  A newsletter is distributed each week to inform you of which activities are organized during the following week. 

Example of activities:

Special meals are offered from time to time, there is a Bible study, a Chapel Service , a Movie night and a Games night.  Other events such as Guest Speakers and Day Trips are organized by management and also mentioned in the newsletter.

Are appliances included with the apartment?

The apartments include a fridge, and a stove.  Laundry facilities are on each floor.  Dishwashers can be added to some of the units.

How do I qualify for a subsidized unit?

To be eligible for a subsidized rent your name must be put forward to us by the City of Ottawa which means you must be at the top of the list on the City Registry. You can contact the Social Housing Registry for more information at 613-526-2088